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Some of My OEF/OIF Collection

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this is one of my favorite packs, its Blackhawk's version of a becker assault pack. its been heavily used and was tan camo painted at one time. I found it at a Oahu Hawaii swap meat.










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this is a very interesting pack, I believe it is rigger made out of parts of other things. some looks like parts of USGI gear and some looks to be salvage from civilian gear.






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this is a UM21 DCU assault pack, these were used early in GWOT by SF and NSW. they were made by Gregory and were criticized for being to heavy and to complicated.






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this is the full size Gregory UM21 pack in Woodland and was also apparently disliked for the same reasons as the assault pack.







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and the last thing I will post today is a Gregory UM21 assault pack in woodland.





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