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Need help on these uniforms (?)

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Good morning,


I HAD to jump on these this morning on E**y to try and keep together a a set. Hopefully I didn't goof. The quality looks fantastic. There are 3 items, so there are a lot of pics. These are one-piece outfits with drop seat.


Are they military (private purchase)? Two have U. S. buttons.


Note the monogram (?) of TB with wings. Owner? Airline? Has anyone seen these before? All help appreciated.






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They don't appear to be military, but they are clearly military related.


I looked through Jill Smith's "Dressed for Duty" books and did not see anything exactly similar. But also want to note that during the war years, there were literally thousands of organizations, large and small, that were associated with the military, or interacted with the military, that wore uniforms to show they too were part of the war effort. These uniforms are generally similar to quite a few "jump-suit" type uniforms worn by various organizations.


There are some clues though: Given the jump-suit nature of these, that one of them seems to be a work-type coverall, and the wing monogram, I am going to guess that these have something to do with aviation.


Perhaps they were worn by a civilian employee of a flight school, or something similar.


I would post a nice clear image of the wing monogram over on the Wing Badges forum. Several of the collectors there have in-depth knowledge of WW2 era flight schools. They may be able to help with an ID.




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Way out of the box here! Hollywood costume exercise? TB/Tellulah Bankhead.Helped with the American Theater Wing Service,opening canteens for service men all over the country.







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Thanks for the comments. Doesn't appear that I can edit to correct the posting in #5.


72psb- funny you mention Tellulah, I thought of her too. She would have had the money and the flair to have these made up. I don't have them in hand yet to search for any missing clues. I searched photos of her and could not find one of her in them. That would have been way to easy!


will keep you posted. They are kind of cool.



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