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VT HT Naval Aviation Training Squadron Patches

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On July 1, 1956, Multi-Engine Training Group (METG) was established at NAS Pensacola. At the time, student aviators would receive primary training in the T-34B and intermediate training in the T-28B/C.


On May 1, 1960, METG was redesignated into Training Squadron 6 (VT-6) as a primary squadron stationed aboard NAS Whiting Field in Milton, FL, flying the TC-45. At the time VT-6 provided primary and intermediate flight training for students, as well as advanced flight training for students in the rotary and lighter-than-air pipeline. During the T-28 era, VT-6 functioned as a complete training squadron, primary to advanced. With the introduction of the T-34 and T-6B, the mission of VT-6 shifted to only primary training. Since that time, VT-6 has served as one of five primary training squadrons in the Navy, responsible for initial training of Student Naval Aviators


Training Squadron Six (VT-6) - First version of patch

VT 6 001.jpg

VT 6 002.jpg

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Training Squadron Seven (VT-7) Eagles - different versions than Warfmasters in post no. 1


The "EAGLES" of Training Squadron Seven originated as a Naval Advanced Training Activity located at Naval Air Station Millington, Memphis, Tennessee. Originally composed of two advanced training units, ATU-105 and ATU-205, in July 1958 they were consolidated into a single squadron, BTU-7. This Squadron used T-28 "Trojans" and T-29 "Seastars" to train student aviators in basic instrument flying.


June 1960, the Squadron moved to Naval Air Station, Kingsville, Texas and began receiving the T2J-1 "Buckeye", a two-place jet trainer built by the North American Aviation Corporation and the forerunner of today's basic jet trainer. The Squadron was designated Training Squadron SEVEN (VT-7) in July 1960 and received the mission to provide training in jet transition, precision aerobatics, basic and radio instruments, formation, gunnery, and carrier qualifications. In July of 1961, Training Squadron SEVEN moved to newly established NAS Meridian, MS. On 15 December 1961, the Squadron split to form a "sister" squadron, Training Squadron NINE

VT 7 001.jpg

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