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VT HT ATG BTG Naval Aviation Training Squadron Patches


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Salvage Sailor
On 3/13/2018 at 3:13 AM, Bearmon said:

Another Saufley Field VT 12



The large keg version of 'YAKRON' 12 (VT-12)



Been after this one for a long time, came from Bill's collection.


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Salvage Sailor



Training Air Wing Five




HT-28's primary mission is to transition student aviators through basic and advanced rotary wing pilot training. Basic training introduces and develops student skills in helicopter flight maneuvers as well as training in visual navigation and tactics. Advanced training completes an intensive curriculum of basic and radio instruments, advanced tactics, and shipboard landings. The completion of this exacting training syllabus culminates in a highly trained and proficient all-weather aviator.


HT-28, along with its sister squadrons, HT-8 and HT-18, provides advanced helicopter flight instruction to all Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard helicopter flight students as well as international students from several allied nations. Students who successfully complete the program earn the right to wear the coveted "Wings of Gold."




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Johnny Signor
On 1/23/2020 at 10:56 AM, Bearmon said:

BTG 3 S VFT 1 Fighter Squadron Training unit 1 probably late 1950's era



Anyone have the where/when of this unit please, seeking help for a friend , thanks :) 




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Salvage Sailor

It would be nice to pin this one down (and the other VFT squadrons).  The BTG's were redesignated as VT's in May 1960 and they were VFT's before they were BTG's so I'd say it's the 1956 to 1959 time frame or a little earlier.


Training Squadrons


VT-2       BTG-2 Redesignated VT-2           1 May 1960
              (Basic Training Group-2)


VT-3       BTG-3 Redesignated VT-3           1 May 1960


VT-4       BTG-9 Redesignated VT-4           1 May 1960


VT-6       Multi-Engine Training Group METG,  Whiting Field
               Redesignated VT-6                     1 May 1960


VT-7       BTG-7 Activated                          1 Jun 1958
               BTG-7 Redesignated VT-7           1 Jul 1960


VT-10     BNAO School Redesignated VT-10    15 Jan 1968
               Basic Naval Aviation Officers (BNAO) School was established within the training department of NAS Pensacola in June 1960. BNAO School became a separate command under the Chief of Naval Air Training 15 Jan 1968.


VT-19      VT-19 Established                       2 Aug 1971


VT-21     ATU-202 Redesignated VT-21      1 May 1960
              (Advanced Training Unit 202)


VT-22     ATU-212 Redesignated VT-22       1 May 1960


VT-23     ATU-222 Established                        Nov 1958
               ATU-222 Redesignated VT-23       1 May 1960


VT-27     ATU-402 Redesignated VT-27        1 Jul 1960


VT-28     ATU-611 Redesignated VT-28        1 May 1960


VT-31     ATU-601 Redesignated VT-31        1 May 1960


VT-86     VT-86 Established                           5 Jun 1972


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Salvage Sailor

NEWS ITEM: Naval Aviation June 1960

Unit Designations Changed

BTG's, ATU's Become VT Squadrons


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Salvage Sailor

Advanced Training Unit 206 (ATU-206)

1955-1958 NAS Pensacola Florida 

flying the F9F-2 Panther straight-wing jet fighter and the T2V Seastar carrier-capable jet trainer




ATU 206 F9F Panthers of ATU-206 at NAS Pensacola_1956




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