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U.S.Navy Headgear in Vietnam

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Nice one Spike


Still great stuff out there to be found

In Memoriam:
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No closeup photos, sorry.

I also wish I'd have kept up with my badge like the one below.


Dan, I was going back through some of the old postings and came across this one of yours (see post #85) - image of Saigon Pocket Hanger..


I have a similar pocket hanger, but it is stamped "Ben Tre". It came with a couple of items and berets from a TF-116 veteran. Can you tell me what was the purpose of these pockets hangers or how they were used?




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Picked A NAG beret up ages ago that looks just like the very first one in at the start of this post, but has embroidered near the ribbon what looks to be Di Duc? Duc the best translation I could do was "virtue." Anybody know anything about the embroidery? Thanks.

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Close up of insignia. Brim was cut down. I am still researching the

sailor. He was a 3 war veteran. I also purchased a number of items

from his estate I will post later. His TS are not patched out or anything

special but they have actual use and history.


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Thanks for the information. I found him on the Warboats site as well. The "togetherweserved" site sailor is a different sailor. That sailor is an " Edward" and not a

Robert L. Easley....I have a couple of his military manuals

and one of them has him serving on LCU 1498 at some point. I believe I found him listed as a crewmember on a destroyer in 1958 as well. He certainly had a lot of boat experience!

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What a great tiger stripe boonie. It does not get much better than that. I like the "been there " look to it and because I collect Brown Water Navy , it is especially nice. . That is a great TRINH SAT DAC BIET (Special Reconnaissance Team ) beret flash too. Thanks for sharing.

Regards, Mitch

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I think I posted photos in another thread when I first got this beret.


In reading through some of the posts here on "Vietnam Navy Headgear", I realized I hadn't posted these pics of a


Vietnamese beret. It was worn by a US Navy MCPO during his deployment while assigned to USNAD Danang, 11/1965-11/1966.



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My name is Scott McClure, I am Roberts son. The beret you have was lifted from him while slept in the old Paris airport on his way back to the US from Vietnam in 1970. He is still kicking and in the last 10 years has started attending RIVDIV515 reunions. He (and my sons and I) would very much like to have this relic back in the family, and it would be a great thing for their next reunion. If you are at all interested in relinquishing the beret for money or a story, please contact me.

Thank you


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