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mysterious VIETNAM medical bag? NOT 100% sure it is medical field bag....


-US mfgr......cannot find any DSA contract stampings or service branch ink stampings.

-made of NAM era tropical lightweight nylon

-shoulder strap--webbed canvas

-carrying handle top ---webbed canvas

-flap has many velcro closure inner pockets

-opens to sectional compartment---velcro closure....

-bottom has bedroll-type straps


see images attached......

USMF resident fieldgear experts: ANY assistance on this would help-----THANK YOU

extra images on follow-up




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I believe this is the Case Medical Instrument and Supply Non Rigid No 16. There were a series of these case used by medics up until recently. You see a lot of these different versions for sale now so they must have been replaced by something newer I guess. If you google case medical instrument and supply you will see lots of different numbers. Here is a pic of info on inside of top flap of mine that I have tried to edit to make legible. I will try and dig mine out tomorrow and take better pics.

Hope this helps



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