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DEG FFG Guided Missile Destroyer Escorts & Gas Turbine Frigates

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USS CARR (FFG-52) O.H. Perry class in service 1985 to 2013


Operation Earnest Will
Carr's original homeport was in Charleston, South Carolina. Her first operational deployment was to the Persian Gulf, where Carr was involved in Operation Earnest Will, escorting re-flagged oil tankers through the Strait of Hormuz. While Commander, Destroyer Squadron 14, was the senior officer present, Commander Wade C. Johnson, the captain of Carr, was the next senior officer in the area and was routinely assigned the duties of Convoy Commander during escort missions. During one of these, Iranian small boats approached the tankers and were chased off by bullets from Carr's deck-mounted M2 .50-caliber machine guns and the Bushmaster 25mm chain gun on the starboard main deck.

FFG 52 USS CARR 001.jpg

FFG 52 USS CARR 002.jpg

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For her professionalism in the rescue of 89 crew members of the attack submarine USS BONEFISH which flooded and caught fire at sea in 1988, CARR was awarded a Meritorious Unit Commendation.


First ship to enter Charleston harbor after hurricane Hugo in 1989. For this response to the natural disaster, CARR was awarded the Humanitarian Service Medal.


USS CARR (FFG-52) MEF Middle East Force 1998

FFG 52 USS CARR MEF 1998 001.jpg

FFG 52 USS CARR MEF 1998 002.jpg

uss bonefish fire.jpg

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USS FAHRION (FFG-22) O.H. Perry class short hull guided missile frigate in service 1982 to 1998 - Swiss Tex patch


Operations and Missions

Multinational Peacekeeping Force Beirut Lebanon - Oct. 1983 - March 1984
Operation Earnest Will -MEF 2–86 Tanker Escort Persian Gulf
Operation Earnest Will -MEF 2–88 (May 1988 – Sept 1988)
Baltops 89 (June 1989 – Sept 1989) Baltic Sea
Great Lakes Cruise (June 1990 – September 1990)
Operation Able Vigil (June 1994 – August 1994) Cuban boatlift
UNITAS 36–95 (27 June 1995 - December 1995)
Great Lakes Cruise (June 1997 – September 1997)

FFG 22 USS FAHRION 001.jpg

FFG 22 USS FAHRION 002.jpg

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updated photo, USS RAMSEY (DEG-2/FFG-2)


USS RAMSEY (FFG-2) Brooke class guided missile destroyer escort in service 1967 to 1988. She was redesignated from DEG-2 to FFG-2 in 1975

1976-1977 WESTPAC INDIAN OCEAN Cruise - 7" Round cruise jacket size

FFG 2 USS RAMSEY 1976 1977 WESTPAC IO 001a.jpg

FFG 2 USS RAMSEY 1976 1977 WESTPAC IO 002a.jpg

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USS JACK WILLIAMS (FFG-24) O.H. Perry class short hull guided missile frigate in service 1981 to 1996. Now part of the Bahrainian Navy

Jack Williams was born in Harrison, Ark. on 18 October 1924 and enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve in June 1943. He received recruit training at Naval Training Station, San Diego, Cal. and was promoted to Seaman, Second Class in July 1943. Williams completed Hospital Corps training at Naval Hospital, San Diego and his rating was changed to Hospital Apprentice that September. In November, he was promoted to Hospital Apprentice First Class. In January 1944, Williams received orders to the Field Medical School Battalion, Camp Elliott, San Diego, and transferred a few months later to Headquarters, Fifth Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, Cal. In May 1944, Williams was promoted to Pharmacist's Mate, Third Class. With the Third Battalion, Twenty-eighth Marines, Fifth Marine Division, he participated in the Battle of Iwo Jima. On 3 March 1945, when a Marine was wounded forward of the front lines, Williams courageously went to assist him and was hit by enemy fire. With determination, he completed his mission of mercy, dressed his own wounds, and rendered aid to another fallen Marine. On his way back to the rear, Williams was hit by an enemy sniper and died later that day. For his actions that day he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Jack Williams is buried at Springfield National Cemetery, Springfield Mo.

USS Jack Williams (FFG 24) was the first ship to be named in his honor. (photo from FFG 24 Launch Pamphlet)

Jack Williams.jpg



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USS MAHLON S. TISDALE (FFG-27) O.H. Perry class short-hull frigate in service 1982 to 1996. Now in Turkish service as TCG Gökçeada (F 494)


Somewhere around here I've also got the Tisdale "Just Cruising" waterskiing duck patch



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