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DEG FFG Guided Missile Destroyer Escorts & Gas Turbine Frigates

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I enjoy actually thinking I have them all. it gives me some satisfaction knowing it is possible to collect a whole "set". this is the case with the DEG's, there were only 6 in this class of ship they later became FFG's but for know I have the whole "set" enjoy.



USS Brooke DEG 1



USS Scholfield DEG 3



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I remember the first 3 were out of San Diego and Pearl. I went aboard USS Bradley (FF-1041)a month after the "Name Change" from DE yo FF. The "Brooke" class was exactly the same shop with the exception that the DEG had the aft 5 in, 38 cal replaced with a missile launcher. I remember steaming with Schofield often, but Brooke always seemed to be broke down. We called her the USS "Broke".

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Aloha Bearmon,


Thanks for posting the Brooke class guided missile escorts, they were on my 'i'll get around to it' list. Here are the other ones you need for the set. If anyone has others for these six ships, please post them for us.



DEG 1 FFG 1 USS BROOKE 001.jpg

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There are many knock offs of the "FFG-6" patch but the original 1975 ships' patch was "FF-6" with no "G"

. Sometimes, patches just "Changr". When I was on USS Henry B. Wildon, DDG-7, the background of the ships patch just CHANGED. No reason, the manufacturer just made a change. What was really interesting was that at the same time, we got a shipment of "Zippo" ships belt buckles at about the same time. They were muss stamped to read USS Henry B. Wilson DOG-7! They flew off the shelves!
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O.H. Perry class gas turbine frigate USS STARK (FFG-31) two years before being struck by 2 Iraqi Exocet missiles in the Persian Gulf during the Iran-Iraq war


USS STARK, On Fire http://www.navybook.com/no-higher-honor/timeline/uss-stark-on-fire/


US Navy ordered to hit back after exocet kills 28 https://www.theguardian.com/world/1987/may/19/iraq.davidhirst

FFG 31 USS STARK Great Lakes Cruise 1985 Swiss Tex 001.jpg

FFG 31 USS STARK Swiss Tex 001.jpg

FFG 31 USS_Stark 1987 Persian Gulf 001.jpg

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