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Military button hallmarks


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Let me start of by saying I did not know where to post this information so feel free to move it to the correct area if this location is incorrect.


Several years ago I collected military uniform buttons and often times the hallmark on the back of the button is the best way to narrow down the time frame the button was produced. I spent quite a while consolidating various lists of manufactures and vendors who had their hallmarks on the backs of buttons. This list is the result of my efforts. There may be some errors and changes needed due to information acquired in the years since I produced this list. But it is what it is and should be fairly accurate. The time frame for some of the hallmarks may be off slightly because some manufactures would use old stock button backs for long periods of time after the indicated dates and old dies sometimes were put back into service in later years. Some of the larger manufactures of buttons made minor changes to their hallmark design and the date of manufacture can be narrowed down even further with more research. With all this being said here is my list of button hallmarks and dates of manufacture.



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Nice condensed list, thanks for posting. This would be useful as a quick reference.


There are two great, very detailed, reference books on military button backmarks that you may be familiar with:

  • American Military Button Makers and Dealers; Their Backmarks & Dates, by William F. McGuinn and Bruce S. Bazelon
  • Dating Buttons; A Chronology of Button Types, Makers Retailers & Their Backmarks, by Warren K. Tice
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