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Were Helmet Bands always worn on the PASGT in the Gulf?

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Helmet bands are some of the easiest things to lose. Seems like every time you lay your Kevlar down upside-down, the band would slip right off. Being aviation, I safety wired mine on at the center rear. There were many times I found the band dangling from the wire. Also, it was our unit's SOP to have your last name sewn onto the band. The primary reason was because there were no name tapes allowed on the Gore-tex parkas that we were issued.




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I dont think the Marines ever liked the bands. Even back when we wore the M1's 5 years before they changed to Kevlars 1986 ( In the NG ), the Marines did not wear them. The Army did.

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I had a tan band in 90-91, it was issued to me at Ft. McCoy WI prior to deployment and it has my name embroidered on it. So, yes they did exist, though as most stated here, the green band is what is normally seen with the 90-91 PASGT helmets.      Scott


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