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Dirt Detective

Hi Mike.


you can find more information in Ammunition General I hope this helps


Thanks Phil


Will put that book on my xmas wish list.. :rolleyes:

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Do you have a 40lbs shape charge to accompany it? The 40lbs shape charge uses a glass cone, which is cool!!!


Also, there are 3 generations of the 40lbs cratering charge. Here are the differences:


The 40-pound cratering demolition charges are watertight cylindrical metal containers with approximate 39 pounds of H-6 explosive. A semicircular angle is located on the top of the container for handling the charge or lowering it into a hole.

The first generation charge has a booster charge of 0.43 pounds of composition A-5 posi- tioned at the top of the main charge to facilitate priming from the top, Two priming tunnels are therefore located on the top surface of the charge along with a steel lifting handle and a blasting cap wire-securing post.

The second generation charge is an interim design that may or may not have a booster and priming tunnels similar to the first generation charge. Due to a technical irregular- ity in production, it must be treated as if it has no internal booster and must be primed with external booster charges.

The third generation charge is designed to be easily initiated with detonating cord. Dual detonating cord tunnels are on the top surface above a special (internal) booster. (Final con- figuration not available at this time).


There was also a 43lbs cratering charge.






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I've set off the 40 lb SC during cross training.  Here are some pictures of cross training while I was in 7th in 1968.  We could take pictures at that time.  The pictures show the SC and then one before setting it off and one after with the size of the hole in the steel plate.  I got a 'charge' out of the training.



5-Coleman Demo Range, Ft Bragg, NC, Cross Tng, M-3 Shape Charge and 1 pound TNT charge, early Feb 1968-F.jpg

5-Coleman Demo Range, Ft Bragg, NC, Cross Tng, Shape Charge, early Feb 1968, 2-F.jpg

5-Coleman Demo Range, Ft Bragg, NC, Cross Tng, Shape Charge, early Feb 1968, 3-F.jpg

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