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Restoring a TL-122-B Flashlight

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I have a nice WWII TL-122-B flashlight that was covered in a waxy white material. This is apparently also a problem with WWII plastic canteens. I also have an interest in vintage model trains and have noticed the same problem with the plastic used on '50's vintage American Flyer cars. I went on line to see if the model train community had a solution to this problem. They did. It turns out this waxy deposit is a mold releasing agent and not something exuded by the plastic. The solution is to use a hair dryer set on high to melt the residue. I have a dryer that is particularly hot it it worked like a charm. The white deposit instantly liquified and could be wiped off with a paper towel. The flashlight now looks good as new.

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Thanks for the how to get rid of the white crud on the wheels on American Flyer train cars. When the wife and I first looked at the house we had before this one, the owner had a shelf running around the family room, about 6-inches below the ceiling. They had decorator bottles on it, I put American Flyer trains on it. Up that high it was hard to tell the wheels were white. The train stuff has been packed up since the last move years ago. I have a Navy rangefinder for aircraft that is like a plastic ping pong paddle that was made by A. C. Gilbert who made American Flyer. They made the Erector Sets and science sets, I have a telescope and microscope made by them.



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