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USAF SAC Missile Badge Collection/Display


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Not sure of your post as solid, I'm assuming its a good thing. Here's a pic of the reverse,has a little residue on it thinking was glued at one point in time.Have 5 more coming in.FYI as you know the SMS patchs are hard to fin.Thanks Jay


PS>> Do these examples look ok to you??





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Solid is very good. The 510th SMS is very hard to find, not sure why. The 509th SMS patches comes in 2nd, followed by the 508th SMS. Keep your eye out for any MIS (Missile Squadron patches) to add to your collection. The MIS patches for the 351st SMW starting in 1991 removed the word or designation "Strategic" from it's wing and squadron patches after our nuclear treaty agreement with the soviets. So there is a 351st Missile Wing patch: Sept 1 1991-Jul 31 1995. These changes also impacted some of the other Strategic designated units around the same time.


Here are the dates the MIS versions of the patches were active:

508th MIS: Sept 1, 1991-Jul 28 1995 (patch features the same otherwise)/Still looking for one of these

509th MIS: Sept 1, 1991-Oct 21 1994 (lines on the missile that are intended to separate the missile's body from it's fins have gotten broader, giving the design a sloppy, arrowhead appearence/source: Greg Ogletree)/ I have one of these

510th MIS: Sept 1, 1991-Nov 15 1993 (patch features the same otherwise)/Still looking for one of these

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That's the neat thing about all the military patches not just these. They can mark some very important events in world history. As far as SAC and how it impacted it's unit designation and patches- removal of the "Strategic" designation was in preparation for the deactivation of SAC (believe me many of us never dreamed that would ever happen-SAC was here to stay or not). in 1992, SAC was deactivated, and subsequently, U.S. Strategic Command established, the first time that all three legs of America's nuclear triad -- intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear submarines, and strategic bombers -- were together under a single command.

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