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USAF SAC Missile Badge Collection/Display

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I've expanded my collection a little. The bullion missile badges have always been my favorites especially those made in Japan. I found a senior missile operations bullion badge and added it to the collection (unknown manufacturer).


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Hey thought I share this new display with you.Found the display case on sale while at Michaels with my Girlfriend today,so went ahead and bought it along with some acid free foam board, already had the red material. Took off the clutchs so that the pins will go into the foam board,this way they don't move around. Cant wait till I can fill it up with more pins. Sorry for the picture quality. Jay






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Collectors resource:


I know I've referenced Retired Major Greg Ogletree, USAF before another former missile officer, and very well known in the missile field He belongs to the Association of Air Force Missileers. Great guy and very knowledgeable about the USAF missile field. He put together a history of the USAF Missile badge in pdf form and the last 2 or 3 pages has some very good notes for collectors. Here is the link: http://afmissileers.com/MBDG.PDF



Also, the following is a great collector resource:

1) Association of Air Force Missileers Web Site: http://www.afmissileers.org/keeping-informed.html


2) Air Force Missile Patch pdf by Ret. Major Greg Ogletree, USAF. Link has disappeared but I do have the pdf. Please PM me if you want the information, I should be able to email it to you. It has more missile badge information as well as missile patch history.


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