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Packing a LPU-2/P Pneumatic Life Preserver

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dig it...would like to see how it is supposed to be packed....correctly that is.. : )



Copy that, Ill scan the pages this week when I get a chance. I had done copies of it on my printer last year so I could also just have the few pages out when I was inspecting and repacking an improperly packed 10 that I have. The bladder ties were done backwards where the knots were external and not inside the container. Biggest challenge and finger killer doing them is securing the flaps of the container over the retaining loop that the plastic pin goes through from the inflation lanyard. Need to get a piece of dummy cord and thread it through that retaining loop and pull hard as you place the flaps gromets over the loop so it stays nice and compact with enough loop to pass the pin through.


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