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Brian from Columbus

Interesting Ruptured Duck

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Several months ago I purchased this "identified" uniform. When I was going through the pockets, I pulled out some "extras".

There are some interesting "points" that I have listed in the "MISC/UNKNOWN" section.

I am sure this is discharge pin is common place for many of you, but it's new for me.

Can anyone tell me more about this style as opposed to all medal insignias.




Interested in ACW & WWII Ohio Identified Items, especially Akron/Cleveland area

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Is it made of plastic?

In memory of Dr. Leo P. Krall, USPHS
USS Uniontown (PF-65)

Interested in uniforms / groupings from Massachusetts and New England veterans

(particularly 26th "Yankee" Division), and original propaganda leaflets from WWI and WWII.


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Could it be tortoise shell or something like it? I know of one highly detailed, handcarved out of tortoise shell that I have been trying to get for years from the owner. On his uncles uniform. Never has let me take a good pic of it! Yours might just be molded plastic also.



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