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Estate found QAC red group parachute harness with first aid pouch and chute pack


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I just aquired this QAC harness with original first aid pouch and chute pack at an estate auction. It's the second I've found in three years. This one has an extra set of lower attachment loops. Anyone have any ideas about those? Both harnesses have their original complete and unopened first aid packs still attached.





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Really nice, and to have two fall into your lap... whew! The first aid packet are quite impressive on their own.


Can't quite remember about the leg loop D rings. I think they were for attaching a life raft kit or survival pack of some kind. I'm sure someone around here will know for sure.


Thanks for sharing.

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WWII Parachutist

Very nice set of second pattern AN6513 harnesses and chutes! The lower set of V-rings is indeed for a life raft. This was a late war modification.


The packed chute actually looks to be a late 44' early 45' T-7 troop reserve parachute.


Any maker and date stamps?

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Does anyone know if the red cross marked first aid pouches are less encountered than those without the cross? I don't think I've seen many. The other harness has the first aid pouch without cross and was applied the the "FIRST AID" facing inward.

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I have a 100% original bring back from WWII parachute first aid kit that has never been opened. I am going to get rid of it as I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's recently and now join the ranks of a 100% disabled vet. But anyway I have the kit and it has a red Red Cross painted on it. It is in good condition and after buying and selling WWII stuff since 1976 I can tell the fakes and the real ones. I will not open it for any reason but there is no way it has ever been opened and rescaled without giving it away. If anyone is interested shoot me an email piperl4@aol.com I will be happy to send any pictures you want. I offer a full refund if not original as long as it has not been opened or messed up in any way. I also have the full rig of parachute A3 and harness yellow bands. If anyone is interested I can also take pictures of it. I know the prices on these items are only going up and finding originals is getting really hard. So make an offer and I will try to be reasonable as I can. My bag is the Norden bombsights so these items are really not part of my collection.


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