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British Military Cross 8/10 Gordon Highlanders

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The London Gazette would be a great place to start it should also have information regarding his commission , promotions and citations


I don't think the Gazette would have his commission or promotion since he was in the American army, not British. I do think the Gazette would have his award citation from the British army, though.

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In general, British awards to allied personnel are considered "honorary" and are not published in the London Gazette. As military records in the UK are digitized, more and more are available through Ancestry and UK Ministry of Defense sites by subscription. Recommendations for awards can often be obtained this way. It's an on-going process, so it's not encyclopedic yet.

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This is a rather late response having just recently joined the forum but as a past collector of British medals and the Military Cross in particular I must say that this MC is among the very best engravings I have seen over the years. All in all a very very nice group of awards. well done!

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