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XM-61 Linear Mine, also known as Fragmacord


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Here's an unusual and rarely seen piece of Vietnam munitions for your enjoyment. I've had it for a number of years and eventually found a copy of the test report on microfiche for a positive identification but had never seen a period photograph until recently. It is a length of XM-61 Linear Mine, also known as Fragmacord.


Two months ago I finally bought a copy of John Plaster's photo history of MACV-SOG and was surprised to see this photograph inside. The caption says it's a length of det. cord with washers slipped over for fragmentation, which is not correct. It was actually factory produced that way with square wire fragmentation coils crimped over a heavy det. cord liner. It could be cut to various lengths and used as an anti-personnel mine or hasty booby trap. My piece is an inert training version and the simulated det. cord is blue rubber with a nylon cord thread down the center. I've never seen another example among other ordnance collectors but I'm sure there's more out there. Any other sightings?



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