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WWII Thompson SMG 5 cell 20 round early variation?


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This was a gun show pick up a few weeks ago for $20. I think the dealer selling it figure it to be a reproduction because its mint and unmarked! The maker inside markings is

(Hoosier T & C.G. Co. 1942) the early construction of the body is the pre war mustard canvas color as picture next to another 1942 pouch shade # OD 3


The odd thing I noticed of being a different variation is the 5 pocket flaps or pocket covers are made of the same smaller thinner weave material as the M1936 suspender material is made of and not of the heavier duck canvas material used on Thompson SMG and cartridge belt construction both body and the pocket covers.


I compared this with other Thompson SMG pouches same year and this is the only one different in my collection even the WWI cartridge belts use the same heavier canvas duck material threw out the construction.



Second photo compared next to 1941 dated M1936 suspenders.



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It's a small world. I snagged one of these "Hoosier" Pouches years ago, simply because of the flaps being "weird" :lol:

Shown below; the one on the Pistol Belt is "American Leather Products", also made in '42...


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Minties for thompson are 99.9% USSR lend lease coming back. Most of five cells are completely unmarked with a fake US stamped on the backside. You was quite lucky to find one unmessed with manufacturer's markings.

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