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I recently purchased a nice WWII grouping from a fellow forum member.

The grouping once belonged to Curtis C. Williams Jr. of the 467th Bomb Group, 790th Squadron of the 8th Army Air Corps.

He was a gunner that went on to serve after the war and ultimately obtain the rank of Major.

My knowledge of collar insignia is pretty weak.

Since his service stretched from from WWII to beyond that. I was hoping for some help to identify whether these were WWII era or post war? And if they are post WWII, what era might they be from?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...




Interested in ACW & WWII Ohio Identified Items, especially Akron/Cleveland area

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The US devices are USAF and are obviously, post-WWII. The Infantry "I" insignia is enlisted insignia and is missing the collar disk that went behind the rifles.



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Look on the back of the Air Force cutouts and see if they are sterling or sterling silver filled.


Without closely examining them, I would suspect they are at least pre-1994 and maybe older.


The infantry insignia is a lapel pin. My grandfather had one. His had silver U.S. superimposed over the rifles.

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