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Gear Display “mannequins”


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Hey Guys - Just wanted to post some pictures of the gear displays I built a while ago.


I don’t have any uniforms and (in my humble opinion) web gear alone on a mannequin doesn’t look quite right. I built these from scrap wood and some cheap fabric, probably have $30-$40 total in all three combined. I like being able to see the inside of the gear, plus they don’t look quite as imposing as full mannequins in the room.


If anyone is really interested I could post some more detailed pictures and give a quick rundown of the construction, just let me know.


Feedback is always appreciated!







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That is a very nice idea. I too like that you can see the equipment better.



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Great looking - and I got some exercise looking at them. I really like the copper. Please show the frames without the gear so we can get an idea as to the innards.

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I’ve attached a picture of my original construction sketch, and some detailed shots of the “naked” display. If you’re interested in making one of these this should be enough info to get you rolling :).


Just as a side note, most of the components I specified here were selected solely because that’s what I had lying around. There are MANY items that could be changed to suite your needs which would still turn out a wonderful display. For example; the 3/4” particle board could be substituted with some 2x8, the copper tubing could be changed to PVC or wood dowels, instead of covering with fabric you could use a higher grade of wood and leave it bare, bases can be anything heavy, etc., etc.


Lastly… I really like using these. They are inexpensive, light, easy to use & move and don’t take up a lot of space. Most of all they really highlight the gear and some of the inner workings of that gear. If you spend a weekend making one you won’t be disappointed!








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That is one great idea! Perfect for displaying gear. No one wants a naked mannequin in a web belt standing around. How do you explain that to the cable guy? Mods should pin this post. I can see a lot of us building our own version of this. Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for all the great comments guys, if anyone builds their own version I'd love to get some pics!!!


I will probably never consider this project completed until one of these has a section of tank tracks as the base ;)

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carfin lewys

Hello gentlemen,


Why not,  its an other idea to display gears, & for me a very good idea. Felicitations.

Best regards from Alsace , France.


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