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Allan H.

WWII Airborne Switchblades

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The blades in the pic above were all blades obtained over the last several decades of collecting efforts. I don't recall any of them coming to me directly from a veteran, so I can't advance the ball on the question of whether the metal handled M-2 style switchblades were USGI or not on that basis.





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I received this switchblade from a 173rd Veteran who served in Vietnam in 1967. He stated that Headquarters Company had a conex container full of them and they were handing them out. It piece is marked SCHRADE, WALDEN


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M.H. Cole was a fixture at the Alabama Gun Collectors shows in Birmingham for many years, occupying a table near the entrance as people came in. My sons bought copies of his Book 3 and Book 4 from him and he was happy to personalize and sign them. This was in the late 1980s and mid 1990s.





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