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Pre WW1 enlisted cap emblems

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Here is a early fore and aft creased M1911 campaign hat I have which sports a much earlier pre M1908 pinback EGA. Does anyone know the exact designation of the pre 1908 model? This is also the type which appear in nickel on the M1895 USMC visor caps.



All collectors should note that the individual who initially started this post has been banned and his posts are now being reviewed for authenticity. This post was reported by several knowledgeable members as possibly showing fake, reproduction, and/or put together items.


Our main interest at USMF is making sure collectors are aware and can learn about period pieces. And, having non-original pieces as guides does a disservice to all. The administration encourages members having detailed information regarding the item being a fake, reproduction, and/or put together to come forward and post it here or in other threads.


For more information regarding the user “DevilDan1900” and the cause for this review, please see below link:



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