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Four uniforms on display


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From left to right, PHM3 Iwo Jima/ Saipan, 4 campaigns total, T/5 6th Armored Div. Bronze Star, 87th Infantry Purple Heart X2, Lt Col. Sullivan 1st Army doc that started using blood in the field for soldiers in the field instead of shipping in and out. Finally got my display the way I want it, all their records are in front of each uniform. Believe it or not, 3 of these are from the same dealer and records always matched uniform perfectly. Enjoy, Bill





Deputy Curator @ http://www.themilitarymuseumofnorthflorida.com/


Looking for medals for the following groupings:

2nd Lt Victor P. Mangano KIA 6 Feb 1945 Engineers

Pvt First Class Ashur A. Handel KIA 14 Dec 1944 78th Div

Cmdr Bruce Nystrom KIA 2 Dec 1966

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Great collection, good you have the records, too. Like collections with background.

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