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VMSB/VMBT-454 Helldivers

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A question for the scholarly Walt Disney members regarding the original design attributed to the WWII VMSB/VMTB-454 USMC aviation squadron. Designed in 1944, who was the Disney artist and does anyone have the original artwork? I attached an original WWII patch for reference, this one a decal on leatherette.


Thank you,






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Hank Porter. Always thought this was for the 385 Bombardment Group, 549 Bombardment Squadron. If it is in fact the design for the aforementioned, the creation date would be 1942. Loosely based on the devil character from the Goddess of Spring, a 1934 Disney Silly Symphony short cartoon. Here is the original pencil art which is currently owned by a very good friend.


Wanted: Disney World War II related items.




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David, thank you very much! I had seen the similar design used in the patch for the 385th, the "Barking Devils", and wondered what was up. It certainly looks like the art you posted is in every way the design the VMSB squadron used. I posted another VMSB-454 patch here as well as the 385th patch to compare. The 385th is taken from Ron Burkey's site, Flying Tiger Antiques, and similar in concept, but has differences in detail.




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