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Thoughts and identification of a painted usaaf coveralls


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A fellow collector got this coveralls in a thrift shop. It will be offered for sale but before could you please identify which squadron or nose art this comes from.

What do you think about the paintings? They look a bit too fresh for me but this collector do not know anything about the USAAF so I doubt he painted them himself.



























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The coveralls look like HBT mechanics coveralls. Maybe used by a factory worker? Not sure if issue or reproduction.

Someone will be able to tell based on the buttons. If issue, could even be used by a WASP?

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looks to be 40s era civie coveralls..buttons should be 13 star....the several HBT coveralls I have have pocket flap on rt breast pocket...missing hanger loop....coveralls have a femine side...maybe college girl stuff?...maybe one of the aviation colleges

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it comes from eastern France in the state of "haute marne". If someone knows ww2 airfield there. It may reduce the squadron in which it could have been used.

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Not too many crew chiefs or aircraft maintenance guys would paint hearts on the butt pocket : ) or girls name on the other side of butt ...maybe on back or front...but flightline coveralls weren't highly decorated as they got greasy, worn, torn, stained and thrown out...


I do believe, based on buttons and pocket pattern, these coveralls are civilian 1940 era coveralls...not USAAF or US Army...as far as paint, and when it was painted who knows...someone could have pulled out grandpas old coveralls from the attic or barn, and painted them for any number of reasons... at any given time...I dig the prop on the back, a variable pitch prop.. but that really does not help date the painting as it could have been copied from a picture...

I do wish you luck...maybe post in the uniform section...there are guys that count rivets and could tell right away if it is GI...


I have several GI HBT coveralls and they have pocket flaps on rt chest pocket.. and a pencil slot sewn in on the left chest pocket...and 13 star buttons...

I am not an expert on HBT coveralls or pattern dates etc...other guys in the uniform dept could help though..

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