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User Suspension: William

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Members of the USMF Community:


The administration was forced to suspend the account of community member William


It has been brought to the attention of the USMF Administration staff that this user agreed to purchase on item on the USMF and refused to follow through with transaction. The item in question was listed in Mid-November for $165.00. William counter offered at $100.00 and a deal was made. He contacted the seller a couple of times with excuses about sending payment. Then contacted seller earlier this month and said he was not buying it because he found another cheaper, but would buy it if the price was lowered to $65.00. Once the Admin team had to get involved it was just excuses and a complete lack of respect to all involved. William was given numerous chances to make this deal right but just ignored them. The For Sale section is an area we take very seriously and when deals go bad we try to get both sides to work out their problems. Originally member William was just going to lose access to the For Sale section but because of his attitude he is being banned.


In an interest to protect the members of this community, William account has been banned. Please use caution should you be contacted by any individual bearing the following information:



William Kennignton







South Carolina


The FOR SALE section is provided for members as an easy way to sell among friends, since all of us here in this community are friends. For us to maintain that friendly atmosphere, we must make sure that members are fulfilling their obligations. Buyers are buying what they agreed to buy, and sellers are selling what they agreed to sell.

It is true that the FOR SALE section is operated under the principle that all transactions are between the buyer and seller. The forum and/or its owners cannot force anyone to complete their obligations nor can we be held responsible for the actions of either party during the transaction or before or after. However, we will (as evidenced here) take action if necessary when there are abuses.


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