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Model 1796 light cavalry Blue and Gilt possible U.S.

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Found a 1796 pattern sword at a garage sale. The guy I bought it from got it from a family friend who lived in Connecticut.

I have found many similar ones while researching but none with the same markings. It has a pretty good amount of blue left and most of the gold gilt. The end of the blade is of the wide type but there are no makers marks anywhere. I read that some were sold to the United States prior to the war, but I have been unable to find a picture to cross reference with mine. I will attach a few photos, they have some glare so if better pictures are required please let me know.




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I've always heard of the cap as a "freedom cap", with it often appearing on American swords. There are no maker's marks on it? Nothing marked on the spine? How long is that blade? I'd call that an amazing garage sale find - for that price and with a scabbard. Could you give us a closer shot of the grip please? Dunmore1774 - who do you believe was making them for export and when would that have been?

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I'd have to dig back through my books, but there were several places in the German states, and I think the UK, that made lots of weapons for the foreign markets from at least the early 18th century until after the American Civil War. Anyone know some of the firms that Tiffany bought from for those M1860 Us sabers?

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GF97 Thanks for the extra photos. I missed them 'till today. The grip appears to be in good shape, worn but I rarely see that as a negative. You did great in my opinion. I think online sellers would be looking for 3X what you paid or more - perhaps much more.

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I don't know how I missed this, very nice sword.

I love the early contract pieces. Looks German or English made for export.

Could be for US, but the only way you would know for sure was if the blade had the American Eagle or shield on it or inspectors marks.

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