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Theatre made Army 3rd Division SSI

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The blue material makes me think british much like one variation of the norway patch. I am working on an article of the british troops in norway insignia.


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I'm inclined to believe this is a pre-WWII US made insignia for a summer uniform.


Here is why I believe this:

1) The 3rd Infantry Division was one of only a few active duty divisions before WWII, and they are known of have worn khaki summer jackets (for all ranks) with SSI.

2) The design more closely matches the pre war 3rd Div design (no OD border)

3) White cheese cloth like we see used on the back of this patch is most often sign of US made insignia (and no, before someone asks, it doesn't always mean Patch King)

4) A British made 3rd Infantry Division patch is unlikely since that division was never in the UK, however the 3rd had thousands of soldiers wearing SSI in the pre-WWII Army.


PS: It also doesn't look Japanese or Korean made, so I don't think it's Occupation/Korean war era.

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Vance pretty well sums it up. Not a repro, not a patch king and not WW2.

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Vance is correct: 1930's. Seeing the embroidery, to me it's a cotton twill patch. Most of them are on khaki cotton twill for the summer uniform. Because the design colors of the background are blue, they utilized blue cotton twill instead. Folded edges is also a feature for such patches.







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