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WW2 USAAF Crest to identify

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A friend try to complete a jacket named from an USAAF Soldier.

He search to be sure about the crest on the cap.


The soldier look to be at 101st bombardment / photographic Squadron or 39th Observation Squadron but we are not shure that the crest is really linked to theses units.


Did you know this crest ?


Thanks !




A picture of the soldier :


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Hi Fabien,


Dave's DUI ID is correct, as per Massaro. If you have information/documents to make you think the airman in the pic has a link to another unit, then that info may pre- or post-date the photo.




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Hello Dave, Mike,


I've tryed to find a picture of the 26th Obs Group DI but i dont found.

i've asked my friend for having name and ID Tag of this soldier. I'll go back with theses informations.

Thanks for your help !



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