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2 pocket USMC ERDL coats

Bob Hudson

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Last year I found an unusual two-pocket ERDL coat/shirt with the USMC EGA stamped on the pocket: it has two slant bellows pockets with exposed buttons, has the "tube sleeves" (no buttons) and is made of ripstop cotton. It has a cotton label with a US Government contract number (the kind that begins with RN). Recently I found a second such shirt. And yesterday I found another two-pocket ERDL shirt, this one with two lower pockets, tube sleeves and exposed buttons. Its label was cut out, but from the remains of it, it appears to have been similar in size to the labels on the other two shirts.


Here are the two with the EGA on the pockets:




Here are the labels from these two shirts:




Here is the third shirt, with the lower pockets:





And, for those unsure about "tube sleeves," these are sleeves with no cuff buttons:




The first two shirts were used by Marines, but I don't know when. The last shirt has no EGA and I have no ideas about its usage or history.

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