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Reproduction Field Desks and Tables


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Greetings Everyone!


I recently picked up a Company field desk off ebay and was disappointed when I found that the inkwell inserts for it were missing. I contacted Dunavin Woodsmith (Tim Dunavin) who I'd heard makes really good reproductions of Field Desks and Tables and ordered the inserts for my desk. Mr. Dunavin was very prompt in contacting me to figure out the exact measurements of my desk so he could custom fit the inkwell inserts specifically to my desk. I ordered a few days before Christmas and received them about a week later and that includes the time it took to manufacture and finish the inserts. Best of all, they fit my desk exactly and I was able to also pick up brass drawer pulls for my Records Chest as well. If you need inserts, drawers or hardware for your existing desk, or just need a good, quality reproduction field desk or Field Table, I highly recommend Mr. Dunavin.


His website can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/dunavinwoodsmith/home





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Here is the bottom half of the inserts. He can also tailor the size of the inkwell holes... I have several of the Bakelite #60 inkwells which require a1-1/2 inch hole for the inkwell. I can only fit one because the lids are so wide, but Mr. Dunavin will work with you to get all the pertinent info to make your desk and or parts to fit your expectations.


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I have a WWII folding field chair I bought from a thrift store in Fayetteville, NC years ago when I was in the army...it's the coolest chair ever

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