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HGU-2 for identification

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Hi guys,


Years ago I bought this helmet on ebay. This is a single visor HGU-26 with a 2 part form fit liner and leather edge roll.


I always thought this helmet comes from an F-5 aggressors squadron based at Nellis.


But when looking on the net, I found several helmets with the same black & yellow checker design but used on F-4, F-105, F-5, F-15, etc...

I always thought this type of design had a connection with Nellis AFB or Nevada state but cannot find any evidence or any reference documentation on the subject. This is why I would like to share these pictures with experienced collectors to get their view on that.


Note that this helmet has a chamois strip on top of the visor cover. This is usually used on aircraft with low profile canopies (like the F-5).

Moreover, when I stripped the helmet to give it a good cleaning, I found some information written on the inner face of the visor cover.

'xx5 AS' probably means Aggressors Squadron. there is a '5' readable but can read the first 2 digits.

Pilot's helmets from the 65th AS squadron had red visor cover so it does match.

'BLUE MED' could mean Mediterranean Blue but it doesn't make sense on a white helmet !


Any guess ?





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More pictures of the visor cover.





I've this checker board visor on my Mediterranean Blue helmet As you can see on teh inside of the 'spare' visor (which was included) you see the text: Cannon AFB


Maybe there is a connection? Pilots name was Don Severance.

And I also wish to know what type of helmet this actually is...any ideas?



the Netherlands




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Cannon AFB is in New Mexico and flew the F-111 Aardvark during most of the 1970s and 1980s. Does the helmet have a nape strap. Also, need better images of the edge roll and liner to ID. Helmet probably from the 1970s. There could be a sticker behind the left ear cup or ear pad with custom flight helmet mfr., year, and pilot information. The side actuated dual visor assy. housing appears to be the Sierra mfr. version? Maybe a Sierra custom flight helmet?

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This kind of markings is typical of personalized helmets like Protection Inc.


I remember this helmet on eBay ! I failed to play upon... Next time ! ;)

Up in the air, playing with clouds, the stratosphere is my own house...

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