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1st Bn Rangers Recon Snipers

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Good day everyone!

Since a while i was looking at those photos and try to understand what the rifle men of 1st ranger Bn wrote on them.

Do you have any idea or evidence to understand what they Painted on ?

Thanks in advance to everyone



Best regard




Always looking for BLUE DRESS ARMY UNIFORMS (1936-1950)


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It's not a sniper rifle.


It's a Standard M1903 Springfield rifle fitted with a M1 Grenade Launcher for rifle grenades.


Each Squad was supposed to have an assigned Grenadier to employ Anti Tank, and Anti Personnel grenades

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I don't believe these two men are from the 1st Ranger Battalion, but rather the 3rd Ranger Battalion. The rifleman at the right is Howard Kuhl. I have his service uniform and the fighting knife pictured here. Jack



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The man on the right has the phrase "Shoot, you're faded" and a pair of dice on the front of his helmet.

This is a gambling term from the dice game of craps and refers to a shooter putting money down and being covered by other players.

It also appeared as a nickname on several WW2 aircraft.

I can't make out what the man on the left has on the front of his helmet, but on the rear is "The Saint" and the stick-figure representation of Simon Templar, a popular fictional character and Robinhood-like protagonist of novels and films.

Regards, Paul


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Thanks so much Paul!

about ''if'' they are 1st or 3rd bn i don't know, i guess my the 3rd and 4th Bn were actived after those photos were taken.


Thanks everyone !



Always looking for BLUE DRESS ARMY UNIFORMS (1936-1950)


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And on both flanks









The V is a common war time thing for VICTORY.Combined with 3 dots and a dash is Morse code for the letter V.


V ··· - equals / symbolizes " V for Victory " which is seen on home front items, sweet hear jewelry, buttons, posters and there was even a WW2 patch with this on it.

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