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Post your Lafayette Flying Corps portrait photos

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I have always had a soft spot for portrait photos. I recently had the opportunity to obtain a nice original sepia portrait from LFC Ace (12 kills) Frank Baylies, and thought I would share it here. Would love to see additional portraits of these guys owned by Forum members.


Here is a little more info on Baylies.


FRANK LEAMAN BAYLIES "Lafayette Flying Corps"


Born: 23 September, 1895. New Bedford, MA

Joined the Ambulance Service in May 1916 and saw action at the Somme, Verdun & in Serbia. Volunteered for the Air Service and was assigned to SPA73 on 17 November, 1917. Transferred to SPA3 "Escadrille des Cigognes" on 18 December 1917. Cpl. Baylies scored this first kill by downing a two-seater over French lines on 19 February 1918. On 16 March, the recently promoted Sgt. Baylies attacked three Germany fighters and sent one spinning down to crash. On the 28th, Baylies lost a fight with a two-seater which he called "a real dime novel affair". Force landing between the lines, he took the time to remove the watch an altimeter from his wrecked SPAD before sprinting towards French lines, pursued by a detachment of German troops. Baylies sent an artillery spotting plane down on 11 April and scored his forth kill the next day. Baylies shot down enemy aircraft on 28 & 29 May, and on 31 May he scored this 12th victory. On 17 June, Baylies, "borrowing" another pilots SPAD because his own was giving him trouble, was leading a patrol when they spotted four rotary engine aircraft above them which they assumed to be British Sopwiths. Baylies was leading his wingman to join them, when Dubonner reported that Baylies' SPAD leaped upward then swung over one wing as he realized his error and three Fokker DrI's dived on him. Baylies looped and managed to get on the tail of one of his attackers, but the forth Fokker, which had held back for just an eventuality, pounced on his SPAD and shot him down in flames near Rollot. On 16 July, a German aircraft flying over French lines dropped the following message: "Pilot Baylies killed in combat. Buried with military honours"



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