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OSS Shoulder holster


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I only wanted to know where the holster  was seen. These holsters were probably the ones sold by Ray Willas supposely as 'new old stock".  It is not a standard issue holster.

I certainly do not want to buy it despite what you think!

Let me say this about pm's. The most courteous thing you could have done was to at least sent a reply you didn't have any info on the holsterer so a person would not send 3 pm's to you!

Don't jump to conclusions if someone sends you a PM. Now, is this better!

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Hello all!  New to the group but wanted to post this holster which belonged to my grandfather.  I'm wondering if this could be an authentic OSS shoulder holster.  I'm hoping your expertise might be able to help me determine this as I can find next to nothing online.  If it is the genuine article is there value in this piece?  







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