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It's that time of year again Foreign Militaria Sale, December 28th - Jan. 11, 2016

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We have decided to allow another Foreign Militaria Sale here on the USMF.


It will start at 12am PST this Monday December 28th and will run through 12am PST Sunday Jan. 11th, 2016.


The same rules as before will apply, and I have included below to freshen everyone's memory.



Please read and understand these below rules before you post items for sale and before you buy any of these items.

These rules will be strictly enforced.



1. Your participation in the sale is agreement to not hold the USMF moderating staff and/or administrators liable for any damages resulting from any transactions originating in the Foreign Militaria Sale subforum.


2. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be knowledgeable of the item being purchased. All items are purchased “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) although sellers should note in their post if an item is a known reproduction whenever possible. The USMF moderating staff cannot and will not act as an authenticating authority.


3. The Foreign Militaria Sale subforum is open to all militaria and military-related items, to include reenactor-use reproductions (noted as such), from any time period, war, conflict, and nation.


4. Only USMF members who have over thirty substantial posts and are in good standing within the forum may participate as sellers and buyers.


5. USMF members must be 18 years of age or older to participate.


6. The USMF cannot police the internet access of forum members from foreign countries. Therefore, if you are prohibited from purchasing and/or importing various types of militaria (such as Third Reich) it is expected you will abide by your nation’s laws. The USMF does not condone the violation of the laws of any nation regarding the sale of foreign and possibly prohibited items.


7. All posts and transactions are to be made in accordance with the USMF For Sale Forum rules (e.g. must have a price in USD, image of the item, no links to outside websites, no outside photo hosting, no auctions, etc.)


8. Sellers may post a maximum of five individual threads per seller per day and have a total of no more than ten active threads for any one seller at any time. Please group similar items together (e.g. “WW2 German Photographs”.) Maximum of one “bump” per 24 hour period.


9. The USMF Foreign Militaria Sale subforum will not be used for wanted/trade ads. It will only be used for sale ads only.


10. The USMF moderating staff reserves the right to edit, merge, and/or delete threads as needed and without consulting with or notification of the seller.


11. The for sale ads will not be used for a discussion of the item(s) for sale. The items for sale will not be discussed in the main forum. All discussion regarding the items will take place via e-mail or PM.


12. The sale will continue for two weeks (until midnight on Jan 11, 2016). At that time, the Foreign Sale subforum will be locked and closed to further posts. The threads will be maintained for an additional two weeks in order to allow for an transactions to satisfactorily complete. On Jan 25th, 2016, the Foreign Sale subforum will be deleted.



The Foreign Militaria Sale sub-forum will open for posting when the sale starts, until that time this link will be inactive. http://www.usmilitar...militaria-sale/



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