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Please Help - What type of Helmet is This?

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Again it's korean, I asked a native born korean classmate of mines. He says it translates to IL - DAE... something as the last character is unreadable.


Thanks to Bugme too. The chart is pretty helpful. However japanese is extremely close to chinese because japanese use Chinese characters called kanji along with their own "alphabets" hirigana and katakana. Just look for complex characters along with simpler looking characters

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If those characters represent someones name then these images would not look like any normal words found in any of the Asiatic character alphabets. Thus you all may be looking for something that can't be translated without the aid of someone fluent in any one of those languages be it Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Afro-Asiatic, etc.


I did find this chart to give you an idea of the differences:

attachicon.gifJapanese,Chinese, Korean difference.jpg

That chart is great! Useful, to-the-point, and very funny.



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