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351st Strategic Missile Wing Minuteman II Finished Display

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Everyone , I just got the following Minuteman II Missile model in plastic. Its one piece, showing the three stages and warhead. This was done on a 3D printer-amazing what they can do these days. It will take me awhile to smooth it a little & put on the paint details.





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Today was not going well, packing the house for sale and then I opened up an old trunk in a closet and I found my USAF cold weather jacket that I thought I had donated to Salvation Army years ago. The size is a small!!! When did I ever fit into a small, I can humbly say there is no way I can fit into a small now but it will go with the 351st SMW display. Happy Day!



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I just received a June 6, 1995 351st SMW Mission Complete Deactivation Banquet numbered ticket. It goes with the 351st SMW/MW MISSION COMPLETE Patch. This month should mark the 23rd year since the 351st ICBM mission was deactivated.


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After 5 weeks of waiting I am finally going on the road with my 351st collection. Here's my first shot at displaying some of my 351st collection on my new American Legion hat (hat weighs about 2 pounds now but still less pins than the other members of my AL post). I may not be as cool as the other guys there but now I've got my AL hat just like the cool guys at our American Legion post and the 351st collection will get some air.





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