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351st Strategic Missile Wing Minuteman II Finished Display

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The 351st SMW is a former Minuteman II ICBM base. Here is a helmet and SAC overalls used. Also included are samples of 509th Strategic Missile Squadron ascots + Scarf, yellow 351st SMW DOTI/351st Operations Support Scarf, and the white with blue lightening 351st SMW 1988 Olympic Arena ascot with comp button.



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Another picture from the yearbook: And what's amazing is the black and white picture was drawn on one of our 510th SMS Launch Control Center (LCC) blastdoors and there is a guy on eBay selling the same LCC on eBay for a bargain $265,000. The picture in the yearbook had not been completed yet and the one on eBay shows what it looks like in color.


Considering the PCB's, asbestos, and lead paint we were working around down there (not to mention the mold) I'll pass.



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Few more yearbook pages: The picture on the left is pointing to the missile launch key panel for the Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander, in the center is a picture of the 351st SMW Minuteman II missile system, and the picture on the right points to the missile launch key panel for the Missile Combat Crew Commander.




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The following models complete the display: In the picture on the left-The model display on the left depicts 60's-70's ICBM as well as non-nuclear weapons. mainly the back row shows the Minuteman II and the Titan II for comparison. Picture on the right: These are machined metal models of the Minuteman II.



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The picture on the right: The tallest missile in the back row is the Titan II, moving to the left Titan the missile with the red fins is the Atlas, and next to the Atlas, the missile with the two gold colored bands is the Minuteman II.


The picture on the right depicts more modern day ICBM US and Soviet models. The tallest missile on the left side is the Titan II-the smaller missile in front of it with the two black bands is the Minuteman III. Some of these on both the US and Soviet side have been dismantled to abide by parts of the treaty in the late 80's and early 90's. The Titan II (has been deactivated and no longer used by USAF as aICBM) and Minuteman III (our current missile system) are shown for comparison.



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GREAT looking display Carlos! As an aside, I was at Whiteman AFB in 1986 for a weekend flying in the Civil Air Patrol National SAR Competition.

But back to your displays. I really like the missile models which remind me of a kit that I believe Monogram put out in the late 50's that was some what like what you have. It was a comparison display of all the missiles then in use by the U.S.

That's a very impressive collection of SAC missile unit patches too.




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Hey Lee! I was there in 86', small world. You're right about the Monogram model set. The older version is hard to find and when I did it was very expensive. This one came out in 1983 as the Heritage Edition-I still have the box here it is.


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Two more aquisitions to add: Left side USAF 40th Air Division Patch (with the leather patch version next to it) and right side a 1950's British made Strategic Air Command plaque. The 351st SMW was assigned to the 40th Air Division. Very hard patch to find.



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Close-up of the Strategic Air Command British-made plaque-stamped into the wood is Made in England and the makers label is still on though cracked and yellow, paint on front is crackling because of age but a great historical piece. It was made by Castell and Son which is still in Oxford, England but is now better known for it's sporting goods.




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