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Picked up this wool MP armband at my local surplus shop but can't place a date on it.


I looked up MP armbands for Korea-Vietnam and it looks similar but they have buttons instead of safety pins; can't be WW2 since MP armbands in WW2 didn't have the extra tab for unit insignia.


Any help would be appreciated.








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Ive had some similar ones with the insignia area and have always thought them to be post ww2-50s/60s era?...im really not positive but i seem to think they started using a different material like vinyl or something like the more modern ones somewhere in the 60s-70s but just my guess....theres gotta be armband collectors here on the forum that can nail down the era....mike

Always looking for and buying 50's era 11th Airborne/ 187th ARCT/ 82nd Airborne tac mark painted jump helmets!





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I have about 30 M.P. armbands and have not seen one from this era that did not have some kind of snaps or hook and eyes to adjust around the arms. The issue is that M.P. armbands can be made locality and I have seen units sewing their own armbands. This general style was used in the 1960s - 1980s, but there is no way to know if this is authentic. The truth be told I am not even sure every one I have is real.When a units makes their own, the only way to tell might be the material used. The lack of snaps or eye hooks give me pause to believe it is real.Also most the the arm bands I have, have a unit patch on them, why make the extension and not sew a patch on it? I did spend 32 years as an M.P. mostly in the National Guard and most every armband I seen worn had a unit patch on it, but have seen M.P.S wearing an armband folded over to cover the patch because they had the wrong patch on the extender.


William T. Carr

46th M.P. Co.

144th M.P. Co.

146th M.P. Bn.

200th M.P. Bn.

177th M.P. Group

177th M.P. Bde.

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