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Nice kit. Just curious, is the color a tan/khaki or olive drab green? I have noticed these other pouches on the forum and from my past collecting:


-Lightweight tan khaki.

-Lightweight olive drab green.

-Heavyweight tan khaki?

-Heavyweight olive drab green.

-Rubberized olive drab green.

-Olive drab nylon with red cross.

-Olive drab nylon with red cross that has a white border.


The kit most likely used in cargo/transport aircraft and possibly bombers? I have seen later ones used in helicopters and the A-6 Intruder aircraft also.

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Nice kit...don't think it would have been on a fighter...multi engine planes for sure...cargo types, refuelers etc...Bombers maybe, but I think the bomber kits were bigger, more extensive....


same design still used today, only made of green nylon, and no side pocket

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