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US Forces Austria Bullion !

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I have a question on a US Forces Austria Bullion.I tried to find out more info but without any result and when you see pictures of the US Army Austria

you see always the regular patch worn on the uniform.Does anyone of you know, was that patch ever worn on occupation duty in Austria and what unit wore this patch.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.




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Beautiful patch! I've always understood that it was one of a number of private purchase patch variations that could be worn by servicemen and women as allowed locally by their units. There were a number of units stationed there that would have worn the USFA patch. Check out this link--the site does a great job with the history of this occupation force and lists the many units that rotated under its purview.






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I have seen one or two of these for sale on Ikes....and as Red Devil says, there were any number of units which may have had individual GIs wear this patch. Here's mine, a little different than yours.



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