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I'm not an expert in DUI's and Lapel Pins so I want to ask if someone can help me.The DUI/Lapel Pin has a screw back and is made of sterling silver.

The Cav.DUI is for a better comparison to the size.Thank you in advance.






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Lapel pin (unofficial). Key indicators are the wording around the insignia and the small size, relative to a DUI. The division insignia would be larger, without wording.



I remember:

Chris Ingrassia (9/11) CPT Tristan Aitken (OIF, 2003)

MAJ Paul Syverson (OIF, 2004) CPT Tom Miller (OIF, 2005)

SSG Scottie Bright (OIF, 2005) CPT Chris Petty (OIF, 2006)

MAJ Hurley Shields (OIF, 2008)




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This is a lapel pin for the 84th Infantry Division. As the image shows, their nickname was "Rail Splitters." IT would have been worn only with civilian attire.



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