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"It's an Ace Novelty" USN & USCG Patch Manufacturers

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Fleet Composite Squadron Ten (VC-10) FLECOMPRON TEN "CHALLENGERS" 1968. Flying F-8 Crusaders in Cuba, the only squadron at Guantanamo Bay during the 1960's

Came with the Ace Novelty 1968 Calendar with their US distribution address in PA. Photo of VC-10 F-8 Crusader, note the Maltese Cross on the stabilizer.


VC 10 FLECOMPRON TEN Ace Novelty 003.jpg


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USS GROTON (SSN-694) Los Angeles class attack submarine in service 1978 to 1997, homeport Sub Base Groton, CT - The Submarine Capital of The World


1970's Ace Novelty, Tokyo, Japan (tag fell off, note the glue residue)


694 SSN 694 USS GROTON 001.jpg


694 SSN 694 USS GROTON 002.jpg



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On 12/18/2015 at 3:50 PM, Salvage Sailor said:

Which allowed them to enjoy a Naval Tradition belayed by the teetotaller Josephus Daniels in 1914


They got a Beer!!!

CVN 68 USS NIMITZ 1980 Guzzler Ace Novelty 001a.jpg

CVN 68 USS NIMITZ 1980 Guzzler Ace Novelty 002a.jpg


I know you had requested for posts on patches with tags but I'm just excited to share a jacket I just picked up with this Gonzo Guzzler patch! Ace Novelty patches are great! 


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