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"It's a Gemsco" USN & USCG Patch Manufacturers

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USS PURSUIT (AGS-17) Converted Auk class minesweeper (AM-108) In service from 1943-1960. PURSUIT earned 8 battle stars for World War II service (as AM-108)

Recommissioned 15 February 1950, Pursuit left Texas and proceeded off Labrador and Greenland as part of Hydrographic Survey Group 2. For the next three years she spent the winter survey season operating in the Caribbean, and the summer months in the northern latitudes off Labrador and Greenland. Reclassified AGS–17, 15 August 1951, Pursuit continued that employment schedule until mid-1954 when she set course for İskenderun, Turkey, 6 October, returning to Norfolk, Virginia, 23 March 1955. On 15 July she was underway for a survey and resupply mission along the Arctic "DEW Line". Having sounded previously uncharted waters both above and below the Arctic Circle, she returned to the east coast, at New York, 10 October.

During 1956, 1957, and 1958 Pursuit again conducted hydrographic and oceanographic surveys off the coast of Turkey. On her return she resumed surveys in the Caribbean. Reassigned to the Pacific in 1960, Pursuit departed New York on 15 February for Pearl Harbor, arriving 14 April. She operated in Hawaiian waters until May when she sailed for Long Beach, California. Mooring there 9 May, she began inactivation and decommissioned 30 June 1960. Her name was struck from the Navy List on 1 July 1960.

Gemsco 1950's

AGS-17 USS PURSUIT Gemsco 001.jpg

AGS-17 USS PURSUIT 002.jpg

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MARINE DETACHMENT - Protecting the Poseidon ballistic missiles and their nuclear warheads (note the Submarine Dolphins on the top of the patch)

USS CANOPUS (AS-34) Submarine Tender in service 1965 to 1994. Gemsco 1970's, Poseidon's were introduced to replace the Polaris missiles in 1972

Gemsco USMC USS CANOPUS AS 34 Marine Detachment 001.jpg

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