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3"50 cal Shell Casing Chinese Dragon Trench Art

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I just acquired this piece and I thought I would share it. Coincidentally when I went to post it I saw that Chuck also posted a shell casing with the same theme. Standing 33" tall with the projectile it is the largest piece of shell casing trench art that I have come across and by far the one with the most detail. It must have been a painstakingly time consuming project. The winged dragon wraps around the casing three times. I tried to capture it in the photos. Note the attention to detail from the hair/fur on the body to the tip of the tail. The casing is dated 1906. During WW1 there was the Chinese Labor Corp but the were utilized by the British and French. How they would have gotten their hands on a US naval shell casing I don`t know. Perhaps a forum member with more knowledge can shed some light on the possibilities.



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There appear to be holes in the side of the projectile, I suspect it was a lamp at one point and a previous owner took the other pieces off. There are probably extra holes in the base where a larger base was attached. The work was probably done in China possibly commercially for sale in the 1920's. I love trench-art items. Thanks for showing it.


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