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Anyone have an Army SP/7 uniform shirt or jacket to show off?

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Another Spec 7 find, a real life photo, a Spec 7 along with a Nurse of an unidentified Medical Unit, probably a Field Hospital, in West Germany, they are tending to a GI injured in a training accident, do believe this is during Operation Big Lift in October 1963, you know the one where the whole 2nd Armd Div from Ft Hood Texas flies to West Germany to undertake extensive maneuvers with 7th Army.




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Although not a SP/7, thought folks would be interested to see a WAC SP/6 uniform. Hopefully someone will know the significance of the sunburst cloth underneath her collar brass. The accompanying caption for the picture reads: Specialist Six McCarthy, WAC Detachment, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md., accepts a letter of commendation from WAC School Commandant Colonel Michl in a ceremony Jan. 30 honoring the graduates of the WAC Noncommissioned Officers Leadership Course. Spec. 6 McCarthy was one of four women designated honor graduates.








Time to downsize! I'm selling off a large portion of my collection. Message me for the most up to date list of items.

I have American and foreign; Army, Air Force, and Navy; Span-Am War to current; mostly originals but some reproductions.


Always looking for numbered Purple Hearts and Silver Stars. Message me if you have any, maybe we can make a deal.


Looking for Purple Heart number 172669.

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