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pictures from NUTS weekend Bastogne 11-13 december

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HI guys,


want to share some pictures of last weekend in the Ardennes where the annual NUTS weekend was held. I only made a small selection because i already posted a topic once with all the musea in the area.


This year the 38th historic walk was done and you can choose to follow the 501PIR Geronimo route for 7, 14 or 22 km. We choose the 14km. It goes from Bastogne trough the forrest to Foy and Noville. you do this walk with hundreds of people. Sometimes a jeep passes or you see reenactors in the forrest.







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The bastone Barracks, which is normally open on special times and you will get a tourguide was now open all day. Constant coming and going of military vehicles and reenactors. The displays that normally held mannequins were now traded by real people who were doing there thing







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some evening pictures







Also visited a museum that i did not visit yet. Ardennes 44, the basement is 1 big battlefield



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my wife behind the 50cal





a quick visit to a mockbattle, i could stay because wanted to see the parade in the centre of bastogne also





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post-107115-0-58675300-1450082741.jpgand since i live far away from the American Cemetery i will always take the time to pay a visit and bring some flowers. From one of the families we recently got in contact with we got a card where the whole family wrote something on for their fallen family member, during their thankgiving get together.







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Looking for the following:

452nd and 447th Bomb Group items

Anything 12th Armored- especially uniforms

155th Assault Helicopter Company, Camp Coryell, or Ban Me Thuot Vietnam items[/center]

WWII US Navy Uniforms from the Battle Off Samar: USS Johnston DD-557, USS Hoel DD-553, USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413, USS Heermann DD-532, USS Dennis DE-405, USS John C. Butler DE-339, USS Raymond DE-341, USS Fanshaw Bay St. Lo, White Plains, Kalinin Bay, Kitkun Bay and Gambier Bay...


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Fantastic photos Robby! I have visited these areas a few times and I love the town of Bastogne, so it brings back good memories! Thanks for sharing your photos!







Collector of WWII M-1helmets and WWII Airborne items

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Wonderful pictures.. I can feel the cold and the weather setting in...


Thank you for remembering..


"Pain is only Weakness Leaving the Body"

MSG Leigh E Smith Jr  - US Army (Retired)

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Thank you for sharing. The only thing missing was the snow.


Nice gesture at the cemetery. I was brought to tears when I visited there.

Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
Specializing in Fakes and Reproductions
of the Vietnam War



"One is easily fooled by that which one loves."


Moliere: Tartuffe





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Wonderful pictures of such a special event. Thanks much for sharing; it looks like you had a fantastic time. :)




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That looks like an interesting event to attend, thanks for sharing. Lots of the pictures look like they could be from 1945 if they were in black and white. Maybe someone with more computer skills want to try it?

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